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We will be in Caldwell, Clearwater then back to Wichita! In September we are having our barn sale - 5 estates combined!. We're really traveling!

316-641-3119| aawesomesales@aol.com
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‚ÄčOur sale is Wednesday and Thursday, 8am to 5pm, May 18 & 19, at 2143 S. Elpyco in Wichita. that is 2 blocks East of Oliver and2 blocks South of Mt. Vernon (Elpyco jogs to the East 1 block).

We have a leather powered reclining sofa, queen bed, king tempurpedic bed, curbside chair assist lift, Buzz scooter, 2 position weight bench & gym, exercise bikes, some tools, professional mobile table saw & router, lots of outdoor decor and much more. Come see us.

French Breakfast Radishes and baby salad spinach are in!!
Come see us.